The Joy of Laughter

Helen Akins

I heard some children laughing
The other day at play.
It gave my heart great pleasure —
It hasn’t gone away.

It followed me all over
Everywhere I went.
It made my day so happy;
It did seem heaven sent.

It was such a joyous sound —
It brightened up my day,
Giving me some peacefulness,
Thus leading me to pray.

I truly love to say things
That give my friends some joy,
Leading them into laughter
Like a young girl or boy.

It’s so good for all of us
To laugh so very much.
God can then work His wonders
Through His so gentle touch.

© February 1996 Helen Akins

Helen Akins (1922-2002) was a homemaker and teacher. She and her husband, Neil, raised two children of their own but "adopted" many of their kids' friends.