Beginning of Spring

Helen Akins

I walked last night in the woods,
Where spring began.
I saw last night some little hoods
Where water ran.
Those little hoods were, oh, so brown,
And underneath so white,
That I couldn’t resist the plucking
Of some of those last night.

I walked last night down by the streams
Where spring began,
I saw last night some little gleams —
A pathway ran.
Those little gleams—what did they mean?
I know—maybe not you,
They were the eyes of my dear friends —
The animals so true.

I saw last night how winter ends,
When spring began.
I walked last night with my dear friends
As spring began.
These dear friends are everyone’s friends —
The animals of the wood.
They were the friends of Hiawatha,
Of Freckles and Robin Hood.

© Helen Akins

Helen Akins (1922-2002) was a homemaker and teacher. She and her husband, Neil, raised two children of their own but "adopted" many of their kids' friends.