Whispering Sweet Nothings

The Way It Was: The Dance
by John Thayer

The music changed to a Latin beat.

The girl, her dark beauty, breathtaking

Whirled to the beat.

While her partner, equally handsome

Guided her whirling figure,

His very blue eyes aglow,

And his white teeth dazzling.

The light from the mirrored

Chandelier's revolving cast

Fleeting shadows on the walls and dancers.

From her mean beginnings,

To lying beside his dear

Sleeping body,

Must be unreal.

But his tenderness could

Be deadly and abrupt.

This man was a marvelous light in her world.

The dancing became increasingly

Sensuous as the tempo became even faster.

Her partner followed her swaying

Hips as other dancers stopped to watch.

The dancing became more frenzied

And the steps more complex.

As he swept her closer

She murmured into his ear

Her delirious news.

They parted again as he

Guided her in a twirl.

Coming closer again his eyes

Cold as he murmured, "Kill it."

And she whirled in yet another spin.

Suddenly the music stopped

The chandelier turned dark

Her world was shattered.

And that was the way it was,

And the dance was over.

©2004 John Thayer

John Thayer was a well-known portrait artist in the Southern Tier of New York state who passed away in 2006. He mostly dealt in oils, but sometimes he worked with words.