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Rachel Weyant

Honey, Honey, Honey!

Where are you? Where are you?

Who loves you? Who loves you?

I know I do.



 Once there was a beautiful dog named Honey.  Honey’s huge eyes were as big as almonds, wet and warm as the sun on the lake, and her fur was smooth as silk.  She reminded the family that bought her, of a delicious pot of golden honey.  So that’s what they named their new puppy, Honey. 

Honey lived with a nice family from the time she was born, until she was about four months old, but then for no good reason, the girl who owned Honey yelled at her.

Honey couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and now tears fell from her beautiful brown eyes and her golden tail dragged in the dirt.  

  She tried to bark, but nothing came out. 


Honey felt so bad she ran away for good. 


Honey ran somewhere,

 but she was lost   






and didn’t know anything about where she was.



      And by now she was so scared she couldn’t think what to do

   She was so tired she could hardly drag her body, but finally she found a grassy place under a tree where some campers had left some food.


         So finally she could eat and sleep.



When morning came, she was in another place with monkeys  



and bears.


But now Honey found a path, and she followed the path to where it ended.

When the path ended,

Honey found herself in another place,


And now Honey was confused. She had been three places so she must be going  around the world. When she realized what she was doing,  she decided to go right home and see her family.

She didn’t know how, but somehow, she’d find the paths to get her back to her town.

By now her coat was dusty and gray instead of shiny and golden, and her feet could hardly carry her. But  she  was finally in her town, she remembered where she lived, and ran right through the doggie door.

When the owner saw her, she screamed “Honey!” and both of them ran to each other.

They hugged and kissed and when they were finished, the owner said “Sorry,” and gave Honey a dog bone.   

 “Honey, Honey, Who loves you?  I know I love you,” the owner said.

 Honey stopped chewing on her bone and wagged her tail.  


 © 2010

Rachel Weyant is 8 years old and this is her first web story..