Virginia Beach


Gary Charles Wilkens

In the deep summer of my memory,
written in sticky sap or fog
a little boy sits in sandy shorts
under a blue sky hot sun, mashing about
in thick watery sand tickled by curls
of white foam from the water,
patting together lumpy wet castles
that ooze away as soon as they form.

The crash of surf behind him
and the squeals of girls in
suits worse than nakedness
calls him down the slimy slope
to the reach of the lapping waters,
where he is grabbed by a pounding din
of rushing water- enveloping,

forced flat to his stomach, pulled out to sea
by a dark fist of water, clawing clutching
against the sand mud, tiny fingers slipping,
sucked by white arms of waves a million times
stronger than he that want to drown him dash him
suck him into their bosom, out into its vast deep
realms of unknown blue-green nothingness.

© 2007 Gary Charles Wilkens

Gary Charles Wilkens His book of poetry was recently published as The Red Light Was My Mind by Texas University Press. Gary is now teaching at Sam Houston State University . He has been published in such journals as Oklahoma Review, Southeast, and The Texas Review.